Wednesday, 28 January 2009

2TB Hard Drive? Thank You Western Digital

Four 500GB Platters, an aerial density of 400GB per square inch, that’s some achievement!

image Just a few short years ago, I found myself wondering how I could afford a new 500GB hard drive.  I knew I could fill it easily with all my documents, especially my burgeoning MP3 and video collection.

I did fill it, within  just a few months of installing it, the 500GB drive was running short of space.  It was used for document storage and game install’s (on separate partitions) while my 80GB drive handled the OS and other programs.

Then I upgraded to a second 500GB drive.  The price had fallen so it was a worthwhile upgrade.  I also replaced my 80GB drive with a 160GB for the OS etc.

A short while ago, I swapped out the 160GB with a new 250GB that I got from eBay on the cheap.

I now have 1.25GB of storage in my PC, which is a considerable amount, but I am considering another upgrade, this time swapping out the two 500GB’s for two 1TB drives, and using one of the 500GB’s as my OS drive, while the other will go into an external caddy.

However, now Western Digital have come up trumps with a new 2TB drive, which has four 500GB platters and up to 32MB of cache.  This thing is big, and likely very heavy, but I’d love to own one (or two).

You can read more about this over at CustomPC’s website.

What do you think?  Is 2TB too much on one drive?  Leave your comments below.  And don’t forget to share this article, it’s easy… just use the icons below.

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