Monday, 23 May 2011

#Apple to Replace Tabletop Product Signage With #iPads - Seriously?

Apple iPad to replace tabletop signage in Apple Stores

So according to this article on Mac Format's blog, Apple have decided that normal  traditional tabletop signs (indicating features, prices etc) are not good enough and as such replaced them with iPads running a custom app.

Are these guys serious?  While some of us sit around looking at the iPad, lusting and trying hard to justify purchasing one, Apple are using the damned things to display a price!

Graham Barlow of Mac Format has this to say on the matter...

"It’s a great idea, and really promotes the iPad as a business tool."

NO IT'S NOT Graham!  It's wasteful and just goes to show how over-inflated the price of the iPad really is.

In my shop tabletop signage costs me roughly £5 at most.  An iPad starts at just £399 at the Apple UK store.  Thats a difference of £394.  So Apple can justify the difference because this method effectively demonstrates an alternative use for the iPad?

Come on guys, stop showing off!


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