Here you will find links to some of my favourite spots on the web, presented in no particular order (for now).
As you will notice these are NOT exclusively technology or computer related.
  • Evolve - My company's website; computer sales and repairs in Bodmin, Cornwall.
  • North Cornwall's BC Radio - An entertaining group of young, dynamic indiduals presenting an internet radio station.
  • Wayne John - Wayne shares his 25+ years knowledge of web development and programming with the world...because he can.
  • Scott Sigler - Author and social media user/abuser!  Great audio/podcast novels for free.
  • Ollie Coleshill's - young, new blogger... worth watching.
  • The Maniac Street Preacher - an entertaining read from a wind-bag with too many opinion's.
  • Luke's Blog - The tech blog of Luke.  Provides a good insight into the daily life of an Apple Fanboy.
Please leave a comment below if you would like a link added to your site on this page.


  1. A windbag?! Too many opinions?!

    In my opinion sir, Should I be permitted to have an opinion, that I am indeed a windbag with too many insults.

    I would also like to request a change of Ollies description to "the worlds first goldfish blog" as that is his nickname....

  2. My nickname isn't even Goldfish it's Holyfish but the description still shouldn't be changed.


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