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Playmesh Games – iMafia, Ninja’s, RaceWars, Vampires and Star Command

First up, I’d like to explain why there hasn’t been any new articles here for quite some time.  Simply put, I moved house and it’s taken a while to get my internet connection up and running again.  Sorry about that.

UPDATE – 17/06/09

A new forum to discuss Playmesh games has just opened up! Visit PLAYMESH FANS now!

imagePlaymesh produce a series of small and highly addictive games for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Each game is essentially the same as the last, but with a different theme.
In this article I will describe each game.
At the end of the article you can leave a comment with your username for any of the Playmesh titles so that others can add you in their friends lists if you like! (Mine is DieselLives across all the titles, and I play the all!!)


iMafia is the first of the Playmesh titles, and has the largest following, as such I will use this title as the basis for the description of all the titles, since they are all essentially the same.iMafia 1 MapYou take on the role of a member of the Mafia, and your job is to build you way up through the ranks of the organisation.  Although, other than changes to your Level number, you are not assigned any new titles as you progress.
iMafia MultiScreens
You must equip your character with items from the PAWN (Shop), purchased using money you have earned from various means.  To earn money you can perform quests in the BAR, battle other people in FIGHTS or build a regular income by purchasing Properties in REAL ESTATE.
However, doing any of these has a negative impact on your stats, displayed in coloured bars at the bottom the screen.  For example, if you FIGHT somebody, you will lose both HEALTH as you take damage (obviously) and STAMINA, however should you win you will be awarded with either money or EXPERIENCE (required to level up).  If you lose, you simply lose health and stamina.
Your stats to replenish themselves over time, but it can take quite a while.
Performing Quests in the BAR is a quick way to earn money and Experience, however you do lose energy in doing so, so you must use your energy wisely.  New quests are unlocked as you level up, but to perform them you must have certain key items required by each quest.
For example, to perform the Smuggling by Sea quest, which will earn you between $450000 and $800000 and gain you 35 Exp you must have one Mega Yacht (costs $4500000) and one Cargo Harbour (costs $6000000) which must be purchased from PAWN and REAL ESTATE.
iMafia is now available in three different versions iMafia (the original) iMafia New York and iMafia Los Angeles.  I find it amusing that they have created different versions of the same game for different cities simply because each version is EXACTLY the same, the map, the items, the properties, no matter which version of iMafia you play – the only difference being the splash screen and the icons title on the dashboard of your iDevice!  In any case, I now play all three – did I mention these games are addictive?

Ninjas, RaceWars, Vampires and Star Command

Each of these games are almost exactly the same game as iMafia, with only subtle differences to make them appeal to more people.
The maps are different, and the titles for the different areas have been altered, but underneath they are the same.  Also, the quest and item titles are different, but each has the same value and reward.
Personally, my favourite Playmesh title is Ninjas, not because it is a better game than the others (did I mention they are all essentially the same game?) but because I prefer ninjas to gangsters or car racing etc!
For now, this is all I have to say on the subject of Playmesh titles, however I will be compiling a list of Usernames for these games, which will be updated from time to time, from the comments left on this page.
If you would like to add you name here, and the titles you use that name in, then please do.  Hopefully this will help you add to your friends lists in game.


  1. Hey, as I have all the applications installed, the only one I actually play is star command, I prefer the space-style gameplay. As for my username, it's Adavi

  2. Have you tried the latest yet...Warbots?
    You might like that one too if you prefer the Scifi perspecive?

  3. Any instructions on what the different specialties mean in terms of stats or pros/cons? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the net and I would actually like to play one of them knowing what I am doing;)

    btw, I am playing warbots in the main (waiting to dl others once I know what I am doing with the types), can be found under 'Faminewind'


  4. @Anon aka Faminewind

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    The different specialities seem to mean very little, and their descriptions are quite misleading.

    In each game there are three specialities, or 'classes'.
    The classes are repeated in each of the games, with different titles.

    Basically you have Warrior, Worker, and Banker (this is a basic description remember).

    Now, I play all three classes across the several titles I play, however there seems to be no difference between each class other than description.

    Unfortunately there is no real way to test this out, as it is not possible - as far as I am aware anyway - to install, play as one class, and then start the game as another class.

    Warriors are supposedly better at fighting. Therefore you would assume a greater payment and experience gain when playing as a warrior than if you were to play as another class.

    Workers then would be better at performing quests, and as such get paid slightly higher than other classes performing the same quest while at the same level.

    Conversly you would also then have to expect Bankers to pay less at the bank (although the 10% deposit payment is universal among the three classes) and pay less for properties.

    Although these are the differences you expect from each class, none of those differences seem to be in effect.

    Therefore, to conclude, I would suggest that you pick your class for personal preference reasons - do you like the avatar? - not based on any idea that one class is necessarily 'better' than another at a given task.

    If anybody else has something to contribute to this, please do, I'd love to read your views.

  5. My guess about the different player-types is that the time for gaining points varies.

    Bankers get paid every 52 minutes, but regain stamina every 3 minutes. So if you play as another class I think there might be the difference.

  6. Game= ninjas
    username = Kizzeh
    add me

  7. I prefer Ninjas as well.

    Username: levdanilov

  8. Add me too...

    Ninjas: tunason


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