Thursday, 5 February 2009

DieselTekk Services – Optimise IT

Since I was smacked with the redundancy stick last Friday I have had to take a look at how I am going to keep my family with food in their stomachs.

So, after years of learning and gaining experience I am now offering my knowledge and time to people in my local area in need of help with their computer systems.

Yesterday I walked around dropping 100 leaflets through the doors of homes in my immediate area, in a day or two I will do 100 more.  The leaflets are double sided, one side promoting this website, and telling a little of what I do and can offer, the other side is a service promotion “Optimise IT”.

About Optimise IT These days everybody is feeling the pinch financially, but nevertheless computers still cause users trouble, thus creating a thought in the owners minds that it’s time to replace their slow PC with something new.  However many people just do not realise that the slow down is normal, and all that is required is a little technical know-how and time to gain back a bit of that speed, thus ensuring their computer can carry on for a bit longer before needing to be replaced. Optimise IT is a service that provides just that; a computer that is optimised for the user, that performs better, performs faster than before.

Get in touch to make an appointment

So, if you are interested in this service and live in the St Austell area please give me a call on 07846548210 or email me.

Appointments can be made for morning, afternoon or evenings, the work will take place in your own home (so you can see exactly what is being done, and ask any questions you like) and you will not be overcharged!

Currently I am only offering my service in St Austell, Cornwall (UK) so please, if you live outside of this area just watch this space… more towns will be served as soon as possible!

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