About DieselTekk

DieselTekk was created and is updated by Daniel Mitchell.

Daniel has been working professionally in the information technology industry for many years and now owns and runs his own company, Evolve, in his hometown of Bodmin in Cornwall, England.

"Running my own Evolve is harder than I ever envisaged, but it is worth every ounce of effort I put in to it.  What makes Evolve stand out from the crowd is simple... no customer is better, more important or a higher priority than the last; no customer is smarter or less intelligent than the last; every customer is unique, important and deserves our time and full attention".

This mission statement came about from two main experiences; the first and foremost being that Daniel had worked for other independent I.T. companies who have at times treated one customer as a higher priority than the next due to the possibility of making more money, or being an easier repair, or any multitude of other reasons.  Some companies mistreat or even extort their customers due to personal 'dislikes' and so forth.

The second reason is DieselTekk.co.uk.

"My mission with DieselTekk.co.uk was always to give everyone a chance with computers, to educate end users at differing levels of competence.  DieselTekk's readership has shown me what people expect of DieselTekk, and at the end of the day it is no different to what any customer who is placing their trust in you, as a professional in your field, wants, needs or expects... honesty"

Daniel still updates DieselTekk with new content because DieselTekk is where he feels he started Evolve; he would not leave Evolve's customer's in the dark, neither will he leave DieselTekk's readers in the midst.

Daniel Mitchell lives with his girlfriend Donna-Marie and their pet hamster Madeline. 

One of his favourite past-times is chilling out watching TV shows such as Fringe, Lie To Me and Supernatural or a good action movie on his 'DMPC' (or Digital Media PC) or even playing Call of Duty.

Daniel also enjoys eating out, finding new KFC's, spending time with his family, easting Smarties, reading Lifehacker.com and listening to podiobooks by authors such as Scott Sigler, Murr Lafferty and Greg Crites.

Daniel's favourite technology's include his iPod Touch, HTC Hero Android mobile phone, ITX computers and the Lenovo N5901 wireless keyboard.
Dislikes include Dell computers, proprietary hardware, being overcharged and under serviced.
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