Saturday, 24 January 2009

Competition – Win 1000+ EntreCard Credits!

Lately I haven’t been spending the EC (Credits) I earn through EntreCard.  I don’t know why really, I guess I just haven’t really had the time.  Also, DieselTekk has in the last month or so really be taking off on the back of articles alone.

Anyhow, because I haven’t been spending any EC I have a fair amount in the bank.  So, I am giving away at least 1000 EntreCard Credits at the end of next month (February) in a little competition that is easy to enter.

To participate all I want from you is an article on your blog about DieselTekk.  The article that I determine to be the best will win at the very least 1000 EC!

The article can be about any single aspect of DieselTekk, or about the site as a whole.  It must include a backlink to both the homepage [] and an article of your choosing, except this one.  Extra preference will be given to articles that refer to other places I inhabit online, such as Twitter, BlogCatalog, Digg, StumbleUpon etc. [Find More Here]

Once you have an article up on your blog, leave a comment below this article, giving a link to both you blog homepage and the article itself and I will follow it, read it, save it and at the end February I will tally it up against any other articles.

The winner will be announced in a new article here on DieselTekk, with the top 4 runners up all getting a little link love too.  It’s a win/win situation.

So, get to it, give DieselTekk some kudos and you may win 1000 of my EC to spend as you like!

Now, don’t forget to spread this competition far and wide across the net, Digg, Stumble, Tweet, Furl, or whatever, it all helps!

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