Saturday, 21 May 2011

Monolingual for Mac - Removes Unused Language Packs to Save Space

Monolingual is a free application for Mac OS X which promises to remove unused language files, keyboard layouts and architectures from your hard disk drive in order to reclaim storage space.
I came across this app on Sourceforge and liked the idea of reclaiming a few hundred megabytes.
Running the app is simple; just tick the boxes against the languages, keyboard layouts and architectures that you want rid of and click 'Remove' when done.
Monolingual will then happily chug away identifying items to remove.
I was quite shocked and really happy to read when it was all done that Monolingual had removed 2.1GB of redundant 'stuff' from my installation, much more that the 200 or 300MB that I had anticipated!
Visit Monolingual's page at Sourceforge to download for free.

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