Friday, 15 October 2010

Yet Another THREE Spotify Invites To Giveaway! The Never Ending Spotify PlaylistThat’s right, as is now my monthly giveaway, I have yet another three invites to give out for the most excellent music streaming service ever, Spotify!

Remember this is for the FULL FREE account, not the crappy 20 hours-a-month limited nonsense!

For more info, and to get your FREE Spotify invitation - follow the instructions on my previous article – 3 Spotify Invitation Codes Up For Grabs!


  1. Hi, I followed the 3 steps, downloaded, installed and added a file in dropbox.
    Can I get one of those invites please?!

  2. Hi, Can I get one of those invites.. I followed the above mentioned steps! Thanx!
    (Btw I already sent a msg as Cfo ... but not sure which email I used with your referral link.. could you check this and mail me back before sending out the invite) I personally think this email is linked to you referral, but I'd prefer you mail it to a different email, so please contact me before sending.

  3. Signed up, sent me the code to

    hell yeah, finally, a code :D

  4. I signed up, Installed and added a file in my dropbox!
    Can you send me the last invite please? : )


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