Friday, 20 May 2011

iPhone 5 Prediction and Speculation

iPhone 5

iPhones are the hot topic everywhere, all of the time.

I love my iPhone 3GS (8GB) and I would love to get hold of an iPhone 4 but alas saving for my wedding is far more important (says my fiance!).

However no blog about technology would be holding it's head above water without at least one article about this upcoming new release from Apple.

The iPhone 5, (which could also be the branded as the iPhone 4G or iPhone 4GS) will most likely be released in September, when Apple usually refreshes it's iPod line up.  Why they would break this cycle I do not know, so it's a pretty same assumption that September is when we can expect to see the new iPhone.

Each new iPhone is the past has been thinner, lighter and faster, so another safe prediction would be that the new iPhone will follow this trend making it even more desirable that previous Apple offerings.

Goodbye Antennagate!  The embarrasment caused by the iPhone 4's antenna issues will be a thing of the past with the release of the iPhone 5.  This is perhaps the safest prediction of all.  Aliens could land on planet Earth after travelling hundreds of thousands of lightyears to get here and be completely baffled by the iPhone's newest antenna technology!

The camera of the iPhone 5 will be better.  With the majority of new, high-end smartphones being released to day having a camera rated at around 8 megapixels it is safe to predict that the iPhone 5's camera will be on par with these, with the good old Apple twist (it'll somehow be better than other camera's with the same functionality, megapixel count, physical size etc... that's how Apple does things!).

It will be black (or white).  Personally I would like a yellow option too.

Speaking speculatively I believe that the iPhone 5 will (finally) sync wirelessly with iTunes.  We have asked for this feaute for long enough now and I believe that Apple will have taken this into account with the iPhone 5.  I am also expecting a great deal of fuss to be made with regards to interacting with 'the cloud' (iCloud?) which will likely enable Apple authorised and hosted streaming of content via it's MobileMe (or iCloud) service.
Widgets, which although I doubt will be available on iPhone 5, or any other iPod product, are something that I would love to see available within iOS.  Despite being a bit of an Apple fanboy, I do get some Android-envy when I see my missus playing with her widgets (ahem)!

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