Saturday, 30 April 2011

#NowPlaying - Complete with #Hashtags @NCBRadio

For those interested I have decided that from this point on I shall be formatting my post titles so that they are more useful within the Twitterverse.  That possibly means '@'s and #hashtags all over the place but it should help with advertising my posts within that medium.

Anyway, moving along I wanted to make mention of my new daily listening habits.
It used to be that I would listen to music on my iPhone, either through the music I have downloaded to it, or via Spotify.  Both of which are excellent sources, but offer less variety even when played 'on random'.

I want my music to be played to me, I don't want to make decisions about what I listen to nor do I want the ability to skip through songs I don't want to listen to at that time.  I t may seem backward, but when I have these facilities available while at work or at home, then the music is distracting.

The obvious choice then is the radio.

However the radio has drawbacks too.  I cannot stand local radio stations, they bore me.  They are not for me; instead they are aimed at a particular listening demographic of which I do not think I necessarily belong.
Ad after ad after ad, some trying to be funny, some with the most annoying jingles that get stuck in my head like a migraine... again, distractions.

As for national radio, well the only one I can find that plays the kind of music I want to listen to is BBC Radio 1, which plays the same songs over and over, show after show, day through night, through day again.  Repetition is boring and again, distracting.

Lately I find myself listening to NCBRadio, a small, non-profit, enthusiast created and led broadcast available to all and any via the internet.
The music is not always necessarily to my taste, the few ad's (even the one for my Company, Evolve) can get annoying, but it's easy to listen to and for that I am grateful.
Songs are rarely repeated, the ad's (although repeated) are quite few and far between and I can safely broadcast it in my shop without fear of controversial language upsetting my customers.

Give them a listen, NCBRadio may not be to your taste but it's always worth trying something new!

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