Monday, 2 May 2011

#iOS #AppStore lacks blogging apps!

I mentioned in a previous article that one of the reasons I continue to use Windows as well as OS X is that I prefer to write bog posts using Microsoft's excellent (and free) Windows Live! Writer which is arguably the most highly regarded piece of software used by bloggers for creating content.

So just a short while ago I took a look on the iOS AppStore to see what blogger friendly apps were available for download to my iPhone, hoping to find a swath of innovation from app developers worldwide.

What I found was disappointment.

Searching for "blogspot" - which is my blogging platform of choice - resulted in just 13 apps.
Some had nothing to do with blogging ai far as I could tell, the rest were all paid-for apps, not one had above a three star rating!

In an ideal world I would be able to say "there's and void, I'll fill it!" however I am not a software developer of any kind and lack the skills to produce anything that would serve anybody, not even myself.

So I would like to invite any iOS developer who has produced a product that is capable of creating new content for my blog (in the form of articles with image, video, links etc) to contact me so that I may review their app here.

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