Thursday, 28 April 2011

Why I am less inclined to use Facebook

Facebook has many advantages for it's users.
Facebook makes it easy to find friends old and new, it makes it easy to communicate and see what is going on in the lives of your connections.  Games, chat, private messaging, photo and link sharing, forums...they're all there in on place.  Facebook.
People can pretty much live out their entire social life online; from one website alone.  Facebook.

There are also many disadvantages.
I could happily re-list the above advantages here as disadvantages too; ut I am going to pick just one, the last one "People can pretty much live out their entire social life online; from one website alone.  Facebook."

Why is this a disadvantage? Because, to put it simply, the good always comes with the bad.
While people are happy to put up a status update saying how they've enjoyed their day at a themepark, or how pleased they are that their 2 year old has stopped using a nappy; they're also more than happy to write about how their partner is lazy, their ex is good for nothing and their 'friends' are two-faced, backstabbing pieces of crap.  Flame wars are rife, with arguments flying back and forth in the public's eye as if everyone wants to know everything about everything.

People start up 'Like' pages so that like minded individuals can chip in their two cents worth about how they hate a particular individual, business or group.

The point of this is simple, there is just too many opportunities for HATE on Facebook.

So I am moving away from Facebook and all of it's bullshit more and more as each day passes.  I have already reduced my 200 or so 'friends' to less than 100; I have left more groups (or Likes) than have left, I rarely post anything up in status updates, it's rare that I comment on anything.

So where am I moving to?


On Twitter I can follow those I want to and anybody who wishes to follow me can without my having to follow them in return.
I can get all my favourite bands updates, software news, friends statuses etc without all the crap that goes along with it.
Additionally people are less likely to air their dirty laundry on Twitter simply because they have less space to do so.
People cannot type more than 140 characters in a 'tweet', therefore they are so much less likely to rant than they would on Facebook where the scope of a status is practically an essay of hate.

I guess this guy says it all really...

Please air your views on this matter in the comments below!


  1. I agree with the bad things you've said about Facebook and I would really love to stop using Facebook and move to just Twitter, but the problem is most of my friends don't have Twitter but if they did I would use Facebook a lot less.

  2. The real problem is so much the lack of friends you may have using Twitter; if they were then Twitter would lose it's charm. Twitter would fill with similar bullshit to that which is currently on Facebook, or worse, people would link Facebook to Twitter; their FB updates would post through to Twitter in an abbreviated form with links back to their original Facebook update... Thus the flood would be in two places.

    Twitter is a happier place without all your friends, or mine.

    "Keeping Twitter shit free"!


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