Thursday, 2 April 2009

OZL#ONE LAN Party – 3 months to go!

St Austell’s new resident LAN Party organiser, SanOzzelLAN is due to open the doors to it’s first LAN Party in July and I can’t wait!

It’s no secret that I am SanOzzelLAN’s Team Leader, and that I am also sponsoring OZL#ONE, a 24 hour PC gaming event through DieselTekk and am offering a couple of prizes, my Optimise I.T. service and a Free PC Clean & Tidy as prizes for a couple of the events.

However, what is not so well known as that we [myself and my co-founder, Tez] are working really hard to make OZL#ONE the local show-stopper we have longed for in St Austell for so long.

Tickets are on sale now, at just £21 per gamer, and with discounts from our sponsor Tengo! on food purchases throughout the duration of the event, cheap taxi fair’s to and from the venue from Gary’s Taxi’s and a couple of tickets to White River Cinema up for grabs as well as the [likely] BBQ you are getting great value for your money!

We are also working on a bunch of other, big-name, sponsors for the event, such as ThermalTake, Razer, AMD/ATI, Nvidia, Corsair and Crucial so the potential for great prizes is pretty darn good.

Additionally, if you find yourself in need of any new games for the event,,’s chief affiliate offer great prices and offer SanOzzelLAN a 4% commission on your every purchase, which all helps towards building a better event!

We have a bunch of mini-games planned to, more information will be provided on these in our growing forum, where you too can become part of an enthusiastic community, where like-minded folk will welcome you with open arms!

So what are you waiting for?  Get on over to!

By the way, just one more thing before I wrap this one up… if you are a steadfast supporter of DieselTekk, even if you cannot get to OZL#ONE, please join up to the SanOzzelLAN forum anyway, because your membership will help us grow, and your contribution will always be welcomed.

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