Monday, 2 March 2009’s Ship Is Sinking! - Updated - ThePirateBay logo ThePirateBay is down, the ship is sinking.

Apparently due to a Denial Of Service (DoS) attack, and as reported at Sys-Con Media it could also be a hijacked botnet causing all of the fuss! 

Fun Fun Fun!

So, it appears that everyone’s favourite filesharing ship is sinking!

UPDATE 03/03/2009

I checked this morning and ThePirateBay seems to be back online, I guess it didn’t last too long after all!

You can read more about this at TorrentFreak in their article The Pirate Bay Down, But Not Out.

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  1. I don't know how to read in to this. publishers are taking to illegal measures, or a civil war is breaking out within the more dubious elements of the internet...

  2. You have trying times and desperate people. I personally know some people who have become "Victims".

    The loss is amazing when you look at it. Not only does the pirate openly dance on the ass of the written law. They keep a pretty accurate head count as to the number of people filling there hard drives with the latest popular software and media.

    So yeah it's really difficult to read into this.. Or even to have sympathy for them. They don't really staff anyone so layoffs during lawsuits are imposable. But down time yes i can see that.


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