Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Top Tips – How Can I Get The Vista Taskbar Back In Windows 7?

The new Windows 7 SuperBar is really quite useful, and i think it adds to my productivity, however there will undoubtedly be many users of Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS that hate the SuperBar and would prefer the taskbar from they know and love from Vista to be restored.

Fear not.  This is possible.

Step One – Open Taskbar Properties

  • Right click on a blank area of the taskbar (where there are no icons
  • Select Properties from the context menu


Step Two – Change Settings

  • Select Place a tick in the checkbox marked “Use small icons
  • In the drop down menu marked “Taskbar buttons” select the last option “Never combine
  • Click on “OK” to save and apply the new settings


Step Three – Check It Out

Your new SuperBar will now be returned to the look and feel of the old Windows vista Taskbar!

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