Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Trouble With Broadband

BT are rubbish, Sky are better! BT Logo After a two month battle with British Telecom I have finally managed to get my telephone line reconnected. 

However, I then found an additional problem in that Sky, who supply my broadband internet connection had been cancelled due to inactivity! Sky Logo I spent a couple of hours yesterday on the phone to the cheerful people at Sky who initially told me that they would have to charge me a £75 connection fee as a new account would have to be opened!  Now, the thing is, I have already paid £75 to get connected the first time around, and did not see why I should have to foot the bill for BT’s mistake… and after being referred to several different departments one extremely helpful lady in the cancellations department sorted out everything for me.

The £75 fee was waived and my broadband connection should be active once again in a week or two.  that’s good, because the cost of using the internet via my mobile phone means that I now own nearly £100 on that bill, and accessing the internet via Tengo! (a cafe in St Austell with free WiFi access) is all well and good, but I don’t think I could manage to many more cappuccino's just to access my emails!

So this means that within the next one or two weeks updates to this site should once again be coming thick and fast, but for now please be patient… there are plenty of older articles for you to look over and comment on so please feel free to look around.

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