Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New Article Drought!

Regular readers and RSS feed subscribers will have noticed that new articles on DieselTekk have been few and far between over the last week, and for this I am very sorry.

This is due to an issue with my internet connection at home – it seems that BT have got a little confused and stopped my service for both telephone and broadband.  This is an ongoing issue that arose a few weeks ago, when I noticed that BT had stopped taking payments for my bills from our bank account.  Despite several attempts to sort out the issue at the banks end,and a few attempts to make payment over the phone BT have continued to seemingly refuse our payments for some reason that they have thus far been completely unclear about.

I hope to have this issue rectified soon, and will then be able to put a new articles as regularly as before.

Once again, I am very sorry for this, but rest assured, DieselTekk has not been deserted and new content will soon be made available.

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