Friday, 23 January 2009

GeIL’s New EVO Cyclone RAM Cooler – It’s Got Lights & Stuff! have jumped on the bandwagon of fans that spin while producing little messages with LED’s, seemingly in mid-air.

Promising to deliver a reduction in RAM temperatures by 12.5°C, this new EVO Cyclone RAM cooler could be just the thing for those of us who haven’t opted to cool our system memory with water, and let’s face it, not everyone wants to do that…. I know I don’t! GeIL says that the cooler will fit pretty much all memory due to its adjustable mounting system, while the 50mm fan spins away at up to 3400rpm, producing a temperature reading  of the RAM via a temperature sensor.  The message will also give the fan’s current RPM.  GeIL claims that the “ultra-quiet fan operates at a stealthy 21dBA’ at this speed”. The chunky looking RAM cooler has the fan housed in the middle and fins on either side with air ducts underneath.  From the diagram, it looks like cool air is pulled down over the RAM and pushed out on either side.

GeIL claims that in it’s own tests the EVO Cyclone reduced temperatures from 48.5°C down to 36°C on the RAM while the heatspreader’s temperature was reduced from 44.9°C to 33°C.

Personally I quite like the look of this product.  I could do with a little extra cooling for my RAM, although I have to admit that I have no idea what the current running temperatures of my RAM are.

My only real criticism of the EVO Cyclone is the LED messages… There are a great deal many computer cases out there in the world today, that have side panel windows, and for the owners of such systems the LED readout is possibly useful.  But there are many more systems that do not have a window.

One could argue that this item is geared towards enthusiasts and gamers who like lights in their case?  Well, I am both a gamer and an enthusiast, but my Antec P182 case has no window!

Maybe if GeIL were to produce another model, without the LED readout, it would offer a greater choice, and people such as myself would not be pushed away from a purchase by the gimmick factor, instead we could focus more on the useful application of such a product!

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