Friday, 7 November 2008

Laptop With 3 GPU's? Well Done Toshiba! Toshiba have just launched their new gamer friendly series of laptops, which is pretty big news as they've finally joined the ranks of those who see real potential in the mobile gaming market.

Unlike their competitors though, Toshiba who are normally thought of first for their business range of portable computers, have managed to squeeze into the chassis not one, nor two but THREE graphics cards!

Actually, I believe this to be a first for any mainstream manufacturer.  That's an amazing achievement.

The GPU's they've managed to crowbar in to this amazing piece of kit are two 9800M GTS's in SLI configuration and a single 9400M.  This will not work as tri-SLI (or TriSli) however, since the idea is that the 9400M will provide adequate power for running day to day desktop applications with all the fanciness of Vista's Aero theme turned on, which will save battery power until it is required for some serious gaming, when the 9800M GTS's will kick in to provide some raw mobile power.

I'd be quite happy for Toshiba to give me one of these for Christmas, but since that's not about to happen I'll stick with my current gaming desktop PC.

Hats off to Toshiba on a pretty excellent achievement.

Read more about this over at CustomPC.


  1. That laptop looks like an absolute beast! Perhaps if you nag Toshiba enough, they might send you one to review ;) .

  2. Good idea. You know, at some point in the near future I may start doing this, bugging manufacturers for review samples of products, but since I have a baby due to be born TODAY I will pass for now.
    Thanks for the inspiration though.

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