Friday, 7 November 2008

Ikonik Reveals Ra X10 Series of PC Cases with 13 Fans AND Liquid Cooling!

ikonik_ra_x10_side_window I like all the computers I build to be cool.  Cool as in 'great' and cool as in 'low temperature'.

Ikonik like there PC cases to be the same, low temperature and great.  CustomPC magazine put up an article today regarding Ikonik's new Ra X10 range of cases, which have up to 13 fans [2x 120mm intake, 1x 140mm exhaust, 2x 80mm exhaust, two lots of 4x 80mm side panel] and liquid cooling.  That's a great deal of air cooling, so why the liquid too?

ikonik_ra_x10_rear My guess is that the liquid cooling is a bit of a show-off extra, that likely does not really perform so well on it's own.  Its a "look at me me ME" feature I expect.  Liquid cooling can be great, but it can be plain bad too.

There are no UK prices yet, as this is currently a States only release, but when it does travel across the pond, expect to pay around £159 to £343 depending on the chosen model.

For full details and more images, please click through to this CustomPC article.

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