Sunday, 9 November 2008

A Couple Of Acknowledgements

EntreCard has some definite disadvantages.  Most of which circulate around having masses of hits when people are reciprocating drops you placed on them,but in effect they only stay on your blog long enough to find your EntreCard ad and make the drop (around 5-10 seconds).

Occasionally though you may get someone who genuinely reads over an article or two.  Personally I try to make about 150 drops each day, and I read the first article on every 5 site I come to, and if I find the article interesting I will comment, follow or subscribe to feed.

I came across such an article over at My Greetings To You, entitled "Thanks to Phydeaux for my Label Cloud" in which the author, Jenny, pays thanks to Phydeaux for the code used to create her Label Cloud.

Label Clouds are a common feature on the web these days, and a widget is available to WordPress blogger's, however it is a little more difficult for those of us that use Blogger.  Using the excellent guide and code provided by Phydeaux you can have an excellent, real tag cloud on your Blogger blog too.

dieseltekk_tag_cloudI now have a real label cloud, which you can find on the left hand sidebar, it took around 10 minutes to get up and running, and I think you'll agree when I say the result is stunning.

Read Jenny's tips in her article here before continuing, and take a look at Phydeaux's guide and code here.

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  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog! I also make an effort to read blogs I visit from EntreCard, although I don't always leave a comment. Like many blog-writers, I'm also an avid blog reader and am always keeping an eye out for new blogs to subscribe to.


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