Monday, 2 August 2010

Site changes coming

As frequent visitors will definitely have noticed, and as occasional visitors may have noticed, DieselTekk has not been updated for sometime, despite many promises that it will be.

Well, there is a reason for this, and it is for you, the reader, to decide whether my reasons are good or not.

I have recently started my own retail business, Evolve.  A computer retail and repair shop in my local town of Bodmin in Cornwall.
This has taken a great deal of planning and above all, TIME.  Time used to build Evolve, and to do the work it brings forth has meant little time for writing for this site.

Now that things have settled a little at Evolve I plan to resurrect DieselTekk and to take it in a slightly different direction.
DieselTekk will continue to be focussed on making computing a little simpler, while still offering product reviews and so forth, however it will offer some new content also.

I have other blogs too, these include the Single Sentence Review, a site I created to review products in a single sentence, and to encourage others to contribute to the reviews in the comments with their own opinions.  Single Sentence Review is a new site and therefore requires some traffic to get it off the ground (please link it).

The Learning Curve Is Steep is my personal blog, a diary of thoughts and so forth.  It has been quite personal up until now, with only a few of my close friends knowing about it.  However since I am not only into blogging for the fun, but also to make a few pennies from the ad’s on my sites, this one also deserves some traffic.  So, if you are at all interested in the musings of a (nearly) 30 year old Cornish guy with a very topsy-turvy life, then please read (and link) on.

Of course there is also Evolve.  The website at is something the company is very proud of, designed by my good friend and colleague Andrew, who has unfortunately fallen ill recently. As such I am unable to ask him to update the site frequently, and since a lot of the content is hand craft at time of posting I cannot reproduce the content easily.  So, in Andrew’s absence I have created which shall soon have the evolveyourpc address redirected to it, along with all it’s current traffic.

My intention is to bring an aspect or two from each of these other sites into DieselTekk, and also to direct DieselTekk visitors to articles on these new sites, all of which may be of interest to my readers.

Along with this new approach I shall be looking at a new template design for DieselTekk, something a little more clear and easier to navigate easily, so please check back often to stay on top of all the changes.

Now, as a footnote I would like to mention North Cornwall’s BC Radio.
North Cornwall’s BC Radio consists of a small, tight crew of young broadcast enthusiasts from the Bodmin area.  They have started their own internet based community radio station, and are fast developing a following in the North Cornwall area thanks to their fun narratives and excellent playlist choices.  Of course, they are also sponsored by Evolve!

Please take a look at their new website at!

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  1. Thankyou for the mention! Would also like to say what a cracking job Evolve do too :)


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