Tuesday, 3 March 2009

100th Article! - Trying Out Quake Live Beta (and a shout to Hawk12Online)

image One of the people I follow on Twitter, @xwheelsx posted that he was trying out the new Quake Live beta, a browser based game based on the Quake series by id Software

I wasn’t aware that it had gone live yet, so tonight I plan to give it a go.

The video introduction gives the impression that it is similar to Unreal Tournament, the game that got me going on PC gaming.  If so, it should be good fun.

It also promises a half-decent skills matching service, so that you can pick a game server and play with other people at your own skill level.  As your own skill level increases over time, you will then be taken to different servers, playing against others at your new higher skill level.

Watch this space for an update later on today.

image While on the subject of Twitter, please take a look at another of my followers blogs at http://hawk12online.wordpress.com/.  Ben is a 16 year old geek from Wales who seems to enjoy broadcasting, both on youtube and his own ustream chanal.  His blog makes for interesting viewing.  His Twitter profile can be found at @hawk12online.

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