Monday, 5 January 2009

Creative’s New Zii Processor - Zii about to change Creative’s new  processor is much much more than another audio chip, this thing is based stem cells!

Over the Christmas period, should you have hopped over to the Creative website, you may have noticed a teaser ad on the homepage bragging that everything you know is about to change.  According to Creative, this is because they are about to change the computing world with their new Zii processor.

According to Creative, they have “created a stem cell-like silicon that is able to grow and multiply into different solutions and ecosystems,” which suggests that their new processor will do far more than make your music and games sound better.  Apparently the company have put massive amounts of money into the research and man power for the project, saying the development has taken over ten years at a cost of more than a billion US dollars and over 10,000 man years!  That’s a lot of work and money by anybodies standard. - ZiiYou can register for updates here from Creative concerning the new Zii (sound much like Wii to you?) processor.

What do you think of this news from Creative?  Is this likely to be anything more than vapourware, or is this just another gust of wind to entice more people to buy Creative products?

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