Thursday, 20 November 2008

Top Tips - How To Disable Windows Automatic Restart

In a bid to make Windows XP seem more stable than previous releases of it’s operating system, Microsoft added a setting that allowed the OS to restart of its own accord whenever the system crashed to a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death).  This initially tricked users into think that there system handled these kind of system failures much better, thus giving the impression of a much more stable operating system.

The problem with this is that the BSOD gives a great deal of detail regarding the error that caused the crash, and many people who feel confident enough, will need this information if they wish to diagnose faults with their PC’s themselves.  If the system automatically restarts, then there is no way to find out which error codes were displayed and so forth.

To reveal the BSOD, you will need to disable the setting which tells Windows to restart:

  1. Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard, and tap the Pause/Break key – this opens My Computer Properties
  2. Click on Advanced System Settings > Startup and Recovery Settings
  3. Now under the heading System Failure, untick the box marked Automatically Restart
  4. Confirm the changes with the OK button.

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