Tuesday, 18 November 2008


This is the first Diesel-Tekk competition, and I'm hoping to make it at least semi-regular.

What To Win

buy-enemy-territory-quake-wars 1st Prize:  The main prize is a brand new, sealed copy of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars for the PC by id Software and Splash Damage.

ET:QW is a online multiplayer, first person shooter game set in the Quake universe, in which you, as the player get to pick up a weapon as either the GDF [Earth's Global Defence Force] or as the Strogg, a mish-mash of genetics and robotics.

I play this game often, and really enjoy it, along with several of the guys at work and some of the KernowLAN players, all in all its great fun.

I will also promote you blog as described below for 2nd Place.

Runners up prizes will be as follows

2nd Place: I will promote your blog 10 times, as well as advertise a 125x125 badge at the top-left hands side of this page for one week.

3rd Prize:  I will promote your blog 5 times, and blogroll you for one week

4th Prize:   I will blog roll you for one week.

[Promotions will be across various sites, directories and so forth - of my choice, not necessarily on this blog]

How To Win?

Promote Diesel-Tekk, or one of it's articles!

That's it, just promote Diesel-Tekk, or one of it's articles as much as possible over the next month sending me links to the relevant pages every time, along with your username for each site.

You can Stumble, Digg, Blogroll, follow, link, review, twitter - anything, so long as Diesel-Tekk is cast in a good light.

Email you entries to diesel@dieseltekk.co.uk!

Who Will Win?

The person that promotes Diesel-Tekk the most, (providing me with links and usernames) over the next month will win.

When Does The Competition End?

The competition shall end at 1 minute to midnight (23:59 GMT+0) on 18th December 2008.

Prize winners shall be announced no later than one week later and the main prize shall be sent out during the first two weeks of January 2009, with runners up prizes coming in to effect during that period also.

Who Can Take Part?

This competition is open to everyone and anyone, however the main prize is open to UK mainland residents only, if you live outside of the UK I will not be able to send you the main prize.  Sorry!

Please Note

    The required Minimum System Requirements for the game is as follows:

    • 128MB Nvidia GeForce 5700 or ATi 9700

    • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista

    • DirectX 9

    • Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2800+ CPU (3.0GHz for Vista)

    • 512MB RAM (768 for Vista)

    • 5GB free hard disk space

    • Broadband internet connection

    • DVDrom drive

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