Friday, 21 November 2008

Rumour – Could Nvidia be releasing a GTX260 GX2 Card soon? Nvidia LogoI am a bit of an Nvidia Fanboy, and as such was truly gutted when I saw  how the latest offering from ATi, the HD4870 X2 outperforms Nvidia’s flagship GTX280.

The HD4870 X2 is a dual GPU card, meaning that it is the equivalent of 2 cards in a single package, by contrast the Nvidia GTX280 is a single GPU card.

So I was quite please when I read at Expreview about their claim that an Nvidia insider has leaked information that Nvidia plan to release a dual GPU GTX260 GX2 card to hit back at AMD/ATi in January next year.

What I think will be most interesting about this though, from a cooling standpoint, is how Nvidia will implement the cooling solution.  As it stands, the current single GPU GTX260 requires a dual slot cooler, but with the fabrication process for the GPU shrinking to 55nm this should enable GTX260’s with single slot coolers.  If not, we could end up with a 3 or 4 slot cooler from Nvidia, which would be no good for those who wish to use a couple GTX260 GX2’s in SLi as a 4 GPU powerhouse!

Currently I run a single GTX280 in my gaming PC, and that does not struggle with any game I throw at it, so how well will the GTX260 GX2 perform?

This is of course, presuming the Expreview are well informed, and that a GTX260 GX2 card from Nvidia isn’t just a stunt?

Share your thoughts on this below!

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