Saturday, 1 November 2008

Aspire ONE Noisy Fan in Windows

It's no secrete in the Aspire ONE community that some models have a very noisy fan which whir's away hour after hour when in use, no matter how hot or cold it is.

For those running Linux there are some scripts you can download and run which sorts the problem out. However, for those who bought a ONE with Windows XP installed (or those that upgraded to XP or even Vista) the solution is just as simple, although rather than running a script you need to download and run a program.

AA1FanControl requires two components to be installed, both of which are included in the download package. Once running you can set the fan start and stop temperatures. It doesn't stop the noise when the fan is running, but when the fan isn't running the ONE is silent. I haven't really compared battery times with AA1FanControl running or off, but I imagine that with the fan not running all the time battery times should be increased significantly.


Have you used AA1FanControl with your Acer Aspire ONE, if so have you found that it solves the problem? Have you found that the program extends battery life? Is it about time Acer came up with their own solution? Comments below please!

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