Sunday, 26 October 2008

Installing Twhirl (& Adobe Air) on Ubuntu

I recently discovered Twhirl, an application that runs under the Adobe Air platform that enables users to post tweets to their Twitter account, as well as keeping up to date with their friends tweets also, all from the comfort of their desktop rather than having to log in to the website all the time.

However, that was when I was using Windows only on my Acer Aspire ONE. Now that I have Ubuntu installed I needed to find an equivalent program to do the same thing, and the best I could come up with was Gnome-Do, which does all manner of things via plug-ins, such as sending tweets, adding to and searching Google Calendar, controlling system volume, sending emails all via a hotkey combination and a few keystrokes. It sounded great, but I have not found myself having much success with the software as a whole, and the Twitter plug-in just would not work for me.

Knowing that Twhirl ran under Adobe Air, I went to see if Air was available for Linux, and luckily I found that their is a Beta version available for download now.

Once installed, it was a simple enough task to go to the Twhirl homepage, download and install Twhirl, which runs faultlessly (thus far) on my desktop.

To install Adobe Air

  • Download Adobe Air Beta for Linux
  • Copy the file to the Home folder [Places>Home]
  • Rename the file adobeair.bin
  • Open up a Terminal windows [Applications>Accessories>Terminal]
  • Type: chmod +x adobeair.bin
  • Press Enter
  • Type: sudo ./adobeair.bin
  • Press Enter
  • Install Adobe Air as you would in Windows
  • Type Exit
  • Press Enter

Now Adobe Air has successfully been installed, you can go along to the Twhirl hompepage and download the Twhirl application, or just click here.

Open the file by double clicking the entry for it in the Firefox download manager.

It's as easy as that. I like Twhirl, it's simple to use, the interface is far from messy or cluttered and it has a very small memory footprint, and with it I can keep up to date with everything my friends are doing, and update tem with my thoughts whenever I am using my ONE!

Have you found this guide at all helpful? How would you improve it? Comments below as usual please...

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