Monday, 29 September 2008

Top Tips - Clean Up Your Desk

It's amazing what you can find when looking around the web at random websites.

I was skipping from website to website last night, trying to find something, anything of interest using my Stumble toolbar when I came across

From the ultra analytical mind of Van Mardien comes this fantastic little website, whereby he explains how he managed to remove and hide most cables and peripherals that he does not have to have on hand access to all of the time, by utilising a sheet of MDF pegboard and a handful of zip ties.

He attached all of his cables, modem, power blocks and such to the pegboard with the zip ties, then attached the sheet of pegboard to the underside of his desk.

All this cost was a measly $33.42 (approximately £14)!

Personally I have always used cable wrap and zip ties to bunch my cables together, however this has caused many problems when I've need to removed a cable for one reason or another. Van Mardien's method is simple and effective, and I am sure that I'll be able to adapt it to my own purpose.

Take a look at Van Mardien's website, and see what you think.

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  1. I have a big problem with cables and gadgets and space. Thanks a lot for posting this.


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