Saturday, 27 September 2008

Google is 10 Today!

Happy Birthday Google!

Today is Google's 10th birthday. Launched in summer 2008, and the 'doodle' tradition, whereby a special graphic is displayed on the Google homepage to signify a special day or event. such as Christmas or the Olympic Games, began in Summer 1999 with a doodle to signify the day Larry and Sergy put a stick figure behind the Google logo to let the world know that they were out of the office at the Burning Man festival.

Get more info at The Official Google Blog.
You can also take a look at the Google timeline, from the very start right up until today!


  1. Happy 10th Birthday Google!!!

  2. Happy birthday !

  3. Its my 12th b day aswell ! lol

  4. There you go, a little closer to the $100 ;-)


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