Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Loving Flock


I heard about an alternative web browser, based on FireFox.
It's called Flock.
I went ahead and installed it because it helps with quite a few of the things I do online daily, by integrating many of my social networking sites into the browser itself. As such I no longer have to visit each site (Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc) to keep up with my online life. Instead I can do it all from my browser while doing some of the other, more important things I like to do online.

It's a pretty good browser, being basically FireFox with a few bolt-ons, but the biggest, and best bit of all is that I can now write up a blog entry, such as this one, complete with all the normal text manipulation such as font size, type, colour etc, tags, images, titles and such within the browser and upload direct to my blog.

Now, I can already do this on my main PC, using Word 2007, however I have not yet found a tool that enables me to do all this on my Ubuntu Linux laptop. Until now that is!

Anyhow, I plan to write up a tutorial on how to use Flock soon, but in the meantime do take a look.

Are you already a Flock user? Do you think that you could benefit from the features that Flock contains? Have you used Flock in the past but uninstalled it because of problems?
Let us know in the comments below!

I Flock
Blogged with the Flock Browser

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