Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Cool Site - Game Giveaway Of the Day

I have been doing my usual daily perusal of the blogging world, and came across this gem of an article at Teck-Line.

Anyhow, the article is regarding the website Give Away Of the Day where you can go to download, completely free of charge, a piece of software of their choosing, for which you would normally have to pay.

Now I'll be completely honest with you, the site doesn't seem to offer anything that I find that interesting, however there was a link to their sister-site Game Giveaway Of the Day which looked a little more interesting to me, since as you will likely know by now, I am pretty big in to games.

Now, after spending half an hour or so looking at this site, I have found a few games that I would like to download and try out. They don't look to be the next big thing in gaming, but look like they may offer a good short-term distraction, much as Spore Origin's does on my iPod Nano.

So why not go on over and take a look, you may find something that you can legally download free of charge that will give you many hours of enjoyment all for a few minutes of your time.

Comments are welcome as usual! Do you know of any similar websites out there that offer good legal freebies? If so share them below!


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  3. Did i miss a big FPS coming out? There used to be ten thousand servers on COD 4 and now there's maybe a few hundred. Where did everyone go?

  4. @Wire2Wire, Gears of War is the only big shooter coming out on console. There is also the Crysis expansion pack game thing.

    To be honest, think it was inevitable, CoD was awesome, but it was a CoD game, it was always going to die down. A few hundred doesn't sound bad for a game now approaching the one year mark.

  5. The "Crysis expansion pack thing" referred to by thk123 is in fact Crysis Warhead, which follows the point of view of Psycho, the overly cockney member of the team who goes off on his own during the original game.
    More info and screen shots here
    It also promises to require lower specs to run, since the Crysis install base was severely hampered by the huge required specs to run at a decent framerate at higher resolutions and details settings. I am looking forward to this more than the original Crysis, which I gave up on after it done the whole Far Cry 'ruiner' when it introduced the aliens. However, unlike Crysis and Far Cry, I find the character, Psycho, much more involving so am more likely to play the game through.
    On a side note, has anyone seen Far Cry 2 trailers yet? Wow, some of the new gameplay looks great!

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