Thursday, 4 September 2008

How to de-authorise computers in iTunes

Last night I made my first iTunes purchase for an iPod game, 'Spore Origins'.

I left iTunes to download and sync the game to my iPod while I watched a DVD.

The next day I left for work, intending to play my newly installed Spore Origins while awaiting my lift to work, however when I navigated through to the games menu I found that it wasn't installed.

Tonight I got home and found out why. It seems that over the past 3 years I have authorised the maximum of five computers with iTunes, and my current PC was not yet authorised.

Now, as I no longer run iTunes on any of my other computers (it's not even installed) I had to figure out how to deathorise these other computers so that I could download and install games and songs from iTunes Library.

This is how to de-authorise all your other computers if you no longer use them for iTunes (based on iTunes version

  • Open iTunes and enter the Music Store.
  • Click on the button in the right corner. This should have your email address on it.
  • Type in your username and password and click OK.
  • Click Deauthorize all.
  • Click Deauthorize all computers.

You are then able to re-authorise your current computer by selecting a purchased item in your library, and entering your username and password.

Hopefully this guide will help a few people, if it does, why not let me know? Just click on the comment link below!


  1. Good info with interesting topics. I'll keep in touch to see whats happening. One thing though. I used to play cod quad quite a bit. I got away from it. Now that I'm back there is no one playing. Where did all the FPS players go?

  2. Where did YOU go when you "got away from it"? That's probably the same place the rest of them have gone.
    CoD4 is a great game, but since most regular players have leveeled to the max it's difficult for new players, or those that left the game for a while to enjoy a game online these days, since they just get pwnd every twelve seconds and don't get to level themselves.
    My guess is that many CoD4'ers are reverting to older classics, such as CS:S and such, which is a pretty level playing field.


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