Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Girls Can't Play Games – Tarí Táralóm

Rosanna aka Tarí Táralóm,a 19 year old girl gamer form Falmouth and university student who plays around 10 hours or so a week of Counter Strike: Source and Age Of Empires II, a couple of the most recognisable games of the previous generation.
Old school games like these won't go away any time soon, with CS:S still running across thousands of servers worldwide everyday it remains a staple of the gamers diet. AoE on the other hand is a college favourite, with which you can easily create small multiplayer games across a network that last for hours and test's the players strategic intelligence to the limits.

Growing up with her brother she was subjected to gaming all the time, now she can hold her own against the guys at LANparties in some of the most intense first person shooters going, such as Call Of Duty 4, CS:S and Unreal Tournament.

In this article, Rosanna talks about her experience of the KernowLAN#6 LANparty held a couple of weeks ago, a 24 hour gaming event in Cornwall hosted and organised by KernowLAN Gaming Networks.

“Being female and enjoying gaming so much as I do doesn’t fit the stereotype, but there are a lot of us out there who love gaming just as much as the boys!

It was really good to see new people at KernowLAN#6.
I knew everyone that came in the beginning (K-LAN#1) but now it’s starting to get more interesting, meeting more friends and having a wider range of competitors!
Hopefully KernowLAN will continue for a long time yet, it’s difficult to find a good LANparty without travelling a long way from Cornwall; so KernowLAN is a great opportunity for gamers in the area.

I liked that fact that people were helping others with hardware (thanks John for the RAM!) and allowing others to borrow their computers when not in use.
It’s relaxing to know that even though you may not have the best computer, you will still be able to play the games and join in the fun.
K-LAN#6 was a success and I can’t wait for the next one!”

Ros is a little surprise at KernowLAN events. She sits quietly, pretty much keeping to her self with a knowing smile playing across her face, but when the games start you should remember to keep yourself well away, because if she gets close you know it's time to respawn and try again.

Thanks for your views on KernowLAN Ros, I look forward to fragging you soon.

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  1. Yup I got a comment!
    Atta Girl!!
    Gurlz rule!!
    You go Girl!!

    LOL Alright I am done. I also played many games. The Lan stuff I did play was Command & Conquer. Lots of fun!! Then For many years I was [b]Addicted[/b] to online rpgs. It started with Everquest and I was the one who got my gamer husband and his gamer best friend hooked on that one. LOL Then we moved on to playing World of Warcraft. We have been waiting for like 4 years for Warhammer to come out already! So Hell ya girls play. More and more of us.


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