Saturday, 23 August 2008

KernowLAN#6 Starting Soon

I'm looking forward to this coming Monday.

KernowLAN is holding their 6th event, at St Austell Church Hall, at which up to 50 participants can get together and enjoy their games in the company of like-minded folk and celebrate their nerdiness without fear of getting a beating!

I'll be there, as I was at K-LAN#5 back in December and am particularly looking for to seeing the hardware that other's are bringing.

I am more of a hardware enthusiast than a gamer, although I do love a good frag-fest in games such as Unreal Tournament, Call Of Duty 4 and so forth, as well as my current favourite, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.

My personal gaming PC has been upgraded quite a bit since the last event. I am now running an Antec P182 case, which house an ASUS M2N-E SLi motherboard, an AMD Athlon X2 5200+ (same as last time) with 8GB RAM, an Inno3D Nvidia 9800GTX graphics card, a Hiper Type-R Mark II 880W PSU, over a terabyte of storage, Creative X-Fi Audio Extreme sound card and everything is once again cast in cool blue lighting. Also I now have a few other bits and pieces, such as a Saitek Cyborg keyboard, a Microsoft Sidewinder mouse, 22” Hanns-G TFT and a Sharkoon l33t gaming mat, oh and a new Logitech Open Air Precision headset & mic. Wow... that's a long list of stuff!

On top of all this, the company I work for, Microtest Ltd, is sponsoring the event, and has offered up a couple of nice prizes, such as an Inno3D 9600GT graphics card and a 19” wide-screen TFT. Also sponsoring is Crucial who have handed out a competition prize of a 2GB kit of Ballistix DDR2 memory.

Microtest Ltd are also providing a HTPC (Home Theatre PC), TFT, keyboard and mouse to host the AudioSurf challenge on, which is set to be a great deal of fun, and one hell of a challenge.

All in all I am really looking forward to KernowLAN on Monday.

I'll write up a review of the event early next week, so watch this space!

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