Saturday, 30 August 2008

Excellent Free Non-Microsoft Open Source Software

I use Windows and Linux on my computers.

I run Windows Vista on my home desktop/gaming PC and Ubuntu Linux on my laptop, while Windows XP is installed on my fianc├ęs laptop.

While Ubuntu comes with some excellent software, with more freely and readily available within a few clicks, Windows software can be rather expensive. As such the Open Source community has thrived, where individuals, groups and organisations can work together to produce free alternatives to the software that you have to pay for from larger, more well known companies.

Having now gotten use to using open source software on my Ubuntu laptop, I was keen to look for a good source of information for open source Windows software that could replace some of my paid for applications such as Office 2007, PaintShopPro and others, as well as some of my bloated Microsoft applications such as Windows Live! Messenger.

This is how I came across Open Source Windows, a simple directory of the links to the producers of the best free, open source software available.

I was shocked when looking through this directory that there are so many programs available for Windows that I’ve been using for the past month or so on Ubuntu, programs such as VLC media player, GIMP and aMSN to name a few.

Also are the usual cross-platformer's such as OpenOffice, KompoZer, AbiWord and obviously the most notorious of all, Mozilla Firefox.

There are even a bunch of games that are free to download, distribute and play, such as the fantastic Tron-a-like Armagetron Advanced and a 3D strategy game, Zombies.

Open Source Windows is definitely a stop point for anyone wanting to find the best free software for Windows in one place

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