Wednesday, 27 April 2011

An Apple fan I have become, but...

I own a 2007 white Macbook 13" rocking OS X Snow Leopord, with an upgraded (now 500GB) hard disk drive and upgraded (now 4GB) RAM. I own an iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch and an iPod Mini (retro nowadays).
I crave an 11" Macbook Air, I lust for for iMac with a massive screen, I am seriously considering a purchase of Time Capsule for it's effortless backup and restoration functions.
I recently bought a Magic Mouse and could not imaging using any other mouse ever again - that is until Steve Jobs tells me that I need something else.

However, despite my recently inherited 'Apple fan-boy' designation there are still reasons to use Windows 7 where OS X fails.
Honestly, it's true and let me tell you when I return to Windows and gasp a sigh of relief...

  • Email - I use Outlook for all my work related email and PIM (personal information management).  It works.  It works really well.  While I am aware, and have tried Outlook for Mac, it is not the same, nor does it work as well.
  • Databases - Microsoft Access is not available for mMac.  I cannot manage my day to day work without Access as nearly all my customer records are held within an Access Database.  I have found nothing that will allow me to update Access database records, or to edit the database design on Mac.
  • Blogging - Why oh why is there not a Windows Live! Writer equivalent (or true version) for OS X?  By equivalent I mean - same features / same price.  Sure there are blogging apps for OS X, Mars Edit for one, but most are paid-for products, or they fail miserably to even come close to the power and functionality of WLW.  Please MS, do me a favour, please.
So there you go, I must still use Microsoft Windows because my Mac does not handle my PIM, database updating or editing, or blogging needs.  Did you notice the trend though?  All three of those needs are met by Microsoft products!

Something you may not have noticed though is that for this blog post, I have not resorted to Windows Live! Writer, instead I am using Blogspot's own post editor  By the way Google, you have a lot of work to do too!

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