Thursday, 12 March 2009

Where Can I Find A Good Source Of Information About File Extensions?

It’s happened to me on many occasions, and recently to a client of mine.

Files that reside on your computer’s hard disk drive consist of two parts.  The file name itself, often one that you have given when saving the file, and a second part, separated form the filename by a period ( . ) consisting of three letters called the file extension

It is this part that determines the type of file, and usually, which program opens that file.

One of the most common file extensions is .jpg– this is an image file, widely used across the internet on webpage's where images are displayed, on also buy digital cameras which save the photographs you take with this file extension.

However, not all file extensions are as easily recognised, and sometimes you are left scratching your head about what program is supposed to open the file.

I came across a good website that references and explains 1000+ file extensions, called File Extension Library.


Here you will find a simple table with extensions listed alphanumerically, with each one being clickable.  Click on the extension and you are taken to an explanation of each file type.

It’s a pretty simple solution to use when you are wondering what the file extension means, which program opens it or what it’s for.

I recommend you take a look, even if you don’t need it now, it could be worth bookmarking for future reference!

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