Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Looking For Linux, Finding Nothing Here

I have just been having a look around the web for some information on Linux, nothing in particular, I guess I was just a little bored.
imageI was surfing the blogs and came across Another Day Wasted by accident, and noticed the header which displayed a nice little avatar of Tux, the Linux penguin, and the faded background of Linux and some commands.
Showing promise, I started looking through the latest articles (9 on the first page) there is not a single piece of Linux info.  There were some links in the sidebar, but the information there was little.
For a blog that bills itself straight from the off as a Linux site, based on the misleading header, it is unfortunate to find such little Linux related info.
However, the site still makes a fun read, as the author likes to rant and moan about, well, anything really.  There are also a couple of articles regarding movies that I noticed, such as Repo! and Watchmen, and for those two I left a comment.
image I hope that the author of Another Day Wasted works hard to put in some decent Linux coverage, as the blog design is fantastic, the layout is simple, and the colour scheme works perfectly, it just needs the content to match the header image used – either that, or change the header to reflect the content that is already in place!

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  1. In my defence, my site has been attacked and it has also been taken down 3 times in 3 months due to attacks and my hosting company going broke, on the last move I lost alot of linux posts but managed to save the template.

    I will be updating it properly soon :)


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