Friday, 23 January 2009

Top Tips – Another New Windows 7 Feature

windows_7 Over the last few days I have given a few tips for using the new Windows 7 Beta that I have come across in daily use.

This morning I accidentally discovered another one, which upon review I found was also included in Tim Sneath’s excellent “The Bumper List Of Windows 7 Secrets”, and that is a new quick method of opening another instance of a running program via a quick keyboard shortcut.

  • Locate the running application icon on the SuperBar
  • Shift+Click (left mouse button on the icon)

That’s all there is to it.  Providing the application you are using supports more than one instance of the program then a new window will open running that application.  This is a good tip for Windows Explorer, where using more than one open window is common, or for sending a second new email message for example.

Tim Sneath’s guide also revealed an even quicker method using a mouse, which I have not been able to test myself since I do not use a mouse with my Windows 7 Aspire One.

  • Locate the running application icon on the SuperBar
  • Click (middle mouse button – the scroll wheel button)

Personally I think this is a very handy little tip that could save users quite a bit of time.  The usual method would be to open up and navigate the start menu for the application shortcut to click.  This tip potentially cuts out several seconds of navigation and about 3 mouse clicks.  Ideal!

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