Saturday, 20 December 2008

Nvidia Announces GeForce GTX295

Diesel-Tekk Nvidia GTX295 Nvidia have announced that a new graphics card from the GTX 200 series will be released on 8th January at CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  Not just any card, this is a GTX295, a dual GPU graphics powerhouse.

For a few months the forums online have been rife with rumour and speculation over what Nvidia are going to do next, since AMD/ATi’s latest and greatest card, the Radeon HD 4870x2 stole the performance crown back-along from Nvidia’s GTX280 card.  The general thought pattern was that 2 GTX280 GPU’s strapped together, even at 55nm would run too hot, and be too power hungry to be acceptable, so people were putting more thought into having two GTX260 chips instead.

What Nvidia have actually done with the GTX295 has turned a few heads though since what they have done is taken the GTX280 chips, and strapped them to the board while running them at the speed of a GTX260 chip.  This in turn has produced a card that is both extremely powerful, but a little more conservative on heat and power.

I’m pretty amazed by this card, and cannot wait to see some real benchmarks and performance reviews; Nvidia are claiming that this new card runs 25% faster than the aforementioned Radeon HD4870x2!

Nvidia are also claiming that out of the box it will be ready to run side by side with another GTX290 in SLi, which means that you could run a scary FOUR GPU’s in your gaming rig.

My current gaming machine runs a single GTX280, slightly overclocked.  It already plays all the games I have asked of it with little effort, so I can only imagine the performance and power of two GTX295 cards in SLi.

You can read up on some more detailed information on the CustomPC website.

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