Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Acer Aspire ONE – ATOM Ninja Edition

With the impending New Year comes a new Acer Aspire ONE revision.

This latest version of the infamous Aspire ONE is rumoured to be named the ATOM Ninja Edition.  There is not a great deal known about this new revision, except that it has the same specs as the other Hard Drive/Windows XP versions, is only available in Sapphire Blue and has a boosted 1.5GB RAM (512MB more than previous models).

Additionally, the Intel ATOM Ninja Edition CPU is quicker than the standard N270 with a clock speed of 1.65GHz, a massive 50MHz more speed than the original N270.

As you will see in the images below though, the only noticeable physical difference is the addition of the Ninja badge on the lower right corner of the - Acer Aspire One ATOM Ninja Edition (2) - Acer Aspire One ATOM Ninja Edition (4)Watch this space for more info, you will read it HERE first!

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