Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Gifts For Geeks – Christmas 2008 – Part Three


Diesel-Tekk logitech g9 topThe G9 is an excellent gaming mouse.  It has a choice of two outer casings -  the small one is textured while the larger one is smooth and broad.

The G9 is so light that Logitech has included weights for those who are used to the feel of heavier gaming mice.  The cable is braided, so it’s less likely to snag than a plastic cable.

The mouse wheel is solid enough for use as a middle button, while the clearly felt increments when rolling the wheel are ideal for precise weapon selection.  There are three sensitivity settings, the highest of which is a ferocious 3200dpi.  The thumb buttons are well Diesel-Tekk logitech g9 casingssituated and have a good, clean response, which is ideal for games such as Call Of Duty 4 in which they serve as ideal melee combat and grenade buttons.

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