Saturday, 15 November 2008

Windows 7 build 6801 - How to unlock the 'Superbar' & other features

windows_7 As mention in my previous article 'Windows 7 - The Taskbar' is had to unlock the new Taskbar, also referred to as the Superbar, as by default in this build you are presented by the all too familiar Vista Taskbar.

I did not mention however, how I managed to unlock the Superbar. I didn't neglect to divulge this due to it being some fantastic secret, I just simply forgot!

Rafael Rivera of Within Windows fame is the gentleman originally responsible for finding the code to unlock the Superbar, and he has released a small tool to accomplish this. It's called Blue Badge, and the reason for this is the way in which Microsoft 'badges' their employees. blue_badge Basically, if you are a Blue Badge employee you have full access to all the features of Windows 7, and use Windows 7 day to day for your computing tasks.

Therefore with this tool, you become recognised as a Blue Badge Microsoft employee and all the locked out features, such as the Superbar, gestures, panning and Desktop Slideshow are unlocked, thus making this preview build of Windows 7 that much more exciting.

You can read more about and download Blue Badge for Windows 7 on Rafael Rivera's blog or you can download directly with the following links

What do you think of the features unlocked by Rafael Rivera's Blue Badge tool? Do you agree that he should have made this available? Leave you thoughts on this subject in the comments below

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