Tuesday, 28 October 2008

KernowLAN.co.uk Gets A New Look

KernowLAN Gaming Networks, based in Cornwall, holds a LAN party twice a year and can accommodate over 50 gamers and their computers for a 24 game-fest.

I am a member of the forum, and have attended the two last events, and am looking forward to the next one, scheduled to be held at some point between Christmas and New Year, with actual dates still to be confirmed.

The KernowLAN website is the best place to look for info about the events, past and future, plus there is even a forum too.

Recently though, the homepage has been turned on its head and gone from being a static html page to a funky new Wordpress template, which allows for easier changes to be made, and the integration of new content much faster than was previously possible.

With the new WP format, I can see the site getting stronger and receiving more exposure from the blogging community which can be no bad thing at all.

There are some members of the forums though, myself included, who are not overly happy with the choice of colours, the orange, described as Violent Orange by one forum member is a little painful on the eyes, and as such may cause some people not to revisit the site. Also, at present you must be a member of Wordpress to comment on the homepage content, something I personally oppose, however with any luck the webmasters will see fit to change this for the much more acceptable and traditional Name/Email/Homepage/Comment/CAPTCHA combination used on other Wordpress blogs.

Please take a look and support KernowLAN, and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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