Saturday, 16 August 2008

About DieselTekk is a blog with a dual purpose. Firstly it is dedicated to technology of interest to PC enthusiast’s and gamers. Secondly it is somewhere for all and any computer user to find a useful nugget of information that they may perhaps not find elsewhere, or if they do, here they will find it a little easier to understand.

Not everybody understands computers. I understand this and liken it to not understanding cars.

I use cars everyday, I know they need fuel to keep going, they need tax, insurance and MOT, a car has four wheels and brakes and so forth… but that’s not to say that I understand how it all works, but more to the point I don’t want to know either! All I want is for the thing to work.

There are so many computer users in the world, it would be daft to think that each and every one of them knew the difference between a 250W PSU and a 780W PSU (or even what they are). DieselTekk is here for those people.

Gamers and enthusiasts will find some interesting news here too, because I too am a gamer and an enthusiast, I like to share the information that is of interest to me too.

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